Empty Claw

from by Andrew Beauman



Oh what he would giveTo see her fail, to see her fall
The distain he has for her is ever present in his voice
and It holds such a weight that even the brick that is her foundation crumbles beneath her feet
But through his distain and distaste for her he cares somehow
The love he had for her is so undeserved.
And still she treats him like dirt

So she sits at home now
She sits alone
he sits at home now and
He sits alone

She wishes she was out
Wishing for that claw to hold a drink.
Booze that she doesn't pay for
Free love for a night that she doesnt even have to look for.
She's fulfilled for one night
When he has enough love to fill her cup and many more

He sits at home
He sits alone
She sits at home and
She sits alone

He hates his devotion to her
Cause no matter how badly her choices could hurt him he knows he'll come crawling back even when all he gets from her is a look.
God how he misses that look.

Two people sit alone
Two people in two separate homes
Two people who all a long should've know
Each pathetic in their own special way

I find my self talking to myself
about this self I don't understand
Feeling pathetic, vaguely schizophrenic
and somehow less of a man

i feel this welling in my throat
fighting for words that could describe
i feel them dripping from my lips
wet words that fail to come outside

they're soaked in such significance
to force them out my best i try
I waste my time attempting this
without their wetness they are lies

My Peace of mind is only achieved
By writing yelling screaming and grinding teeth
Only by taking it to both extremes
Can my sanity truely be seen


from DMMBH, released January 6, 2013
Lyrics by Andrew Beauman
Backing Track by Xander Shabe



all rights reserved


Andrew Beauman Colorado Springs, Colorado

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